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Decor & Lighting

We have been serving our valued customers with different products for the past so many years.On great demand from our Importers,Capri International of late has now added yet another item into their list of products - Decor and Lighting. We now bring in a variety of exceedingly impressive decor and lighting products for our customers. To get the best results,we have our own inhouse skilled and trained craftsmen who exclusively work for us to give you a real unique quality product which is beautifully designed. Our products create some of the most versatile and decorative ambiance that a light fixture can provide.

Range of Products

We offer you a wide range of following products in our decor and lighting:

We feature a fantastic assortment of unique and contemporary lamps to choose from. There is a wide variety of colours, styles, and sizes from which to choose. This ensures that you have many options available which can fit any design scheme

Designing of Products

Our lamps and lamp shades are designed with many different materials.
All our Lighting Products are made and designed in Wood , Brass, Aluminum,Bronze and Iron.
We can make any product as per your desired size and finish.Having specialized in this business for years,we now have the skill to design any product by merely looking at the pictures or the sketches.
The fittings that we use for our lamps and chandeliers are all UL and CE approved.
For more information please contact us at : sales@capriinternationalindia.com